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June 5th, 2013!!!

My mantra for years has been that learning to program will make you better no matter what you end up doing for a living. Whether you work in computers or choose dance as your vocation the skills learned in programming will benefit you. That’s because programming is a core of math wrapped with a layer of pragmatism so thin you can still see the numbers below it. I’ve known many young people, even when I was young, who couldn’t grasp the abstraction of algebra, but who could understand Logo. And for the record I hate Logo and those sort of highly limited languages (like Scratch) but I can’t deny that they can be a bridge for some people. pulls together some awesome resources including teaching tutorials by codecademy and khanacademy. Even Scratch is there. Most are taught in browser so you don’t have to load any programs to start. In fact I’m going to start my kids on this this weekend.

I love and fully endorse this site and hope one day to develop a series of tutorials that will be featured on it.

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  1. Jonny D

    I don’t care for Logo or Scratch either, but the concepts behind the languages (Logo and Smalltalk) are amazing. They are designed for the way human brains work and solve problems, instead of being designed based on how computer hardware happened to evolve (like Basic and C). If I were to point to a true “future language”, I’d point in that direction.

  2. Joe

    My problem with very high level languages like that, like I’ve said before, is that you run against their limitations pretty quickly. Most of those languages are made for a pretty narrow utility and pretty soon “nope, can’t do that” becomes the mantra.

    But I also agree. As much as I don’t like them when the Holodeck becomes a reality it will be a very high language interface.

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