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I want to like this, I really do

September 13th, 2012

I get the idea. At least I think I get the idea. A game engine that’s easy to use, easy to modify, and keep track of checked out changes. More or less a retred of Wonderfl. Only this one is considerably more OO. And OOs good, right?

The problem is so few of the games have any sort of scoring. You can’t win, you can’t lose. The one that I’ve found so far has managed to get some sort of scoring mechanism in by working it into the world physics, and that’s brilliant, but this sort of cludge programming should be the exception, not the norm. Plus the controls are so… weird. Most of the games just avoid controls all together. You end up with little tech demos that play themselves. I think the idea has a lot of potential, but the execution makes me sad. But maybe I’m wrong. Go try craftyy out and see if you like it better than I did.

2 Responses to “I want to like this, I really do”

  1. Jonny D

    It looks like the Craftyy *demo* has only just been launched and its Kickstarter campaign is still running. There are no full games on it yet, only demonstrations.

    Maybe you missed the point? Craftyy is for community-based iterative game creation. If an iteration you played doesn’t have controls and you think it should have them, then you add them. I tried the editor for literally less than a minute and figured out how to add input controls. If it doesn’t have scoring, then add it yourself. It doesn’t look like the demo supports dynamic text, but you can display score with objects anyhow. If you’ll notice, even the official Pong clone has no scoring. The demo is obviously for demonstration as they work their Kickstarter campaign to fund more features.

  2. Joe

    You’re right, I’m judging it too soon and I’m sure as it progresses it’ll be great.

    That’s why I wanted it to have the exposure. It’s a bit underwhelming at the moment but it’s got potential.

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