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August 7th, 2009

Mugwump hunting has come a long way. While Hurkle hunting is still done one Hurkle at a time the old fashioned way Mugwump hunting uses a state of the art radar system that gives you the distance you are to multiple Mugwumps at once. Sure it can be confusing trying to triangulate multiple Mugwumps locations, but a little practice and it’s not impossible.

This is the sort of game that is best played with a piece of graph paper and a compass near by to help you plan your next move.

A good mugwump hunter can find all the mugwumps in less than 15 turns. An excellent one, less than 10.

Mugwump was written by Joe Larson inspired by a BASIC game of the same name as found in ‘BASIC Computer Games’ edited by David H. Ahl © 1978.

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