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Cymons Games

There is an hour long video there that I encourage you to take the time to watch, or at least listen to.

If you don’t know already what the Raspberry Pi is… I blame myself. I should have posted about it earlier. The Raspberry Pi started from the same place Cymon’s Games did, lamenting the loss of the programmable computers (and the type-ins you’d program them with) from days of yore. My attempt was to provide a type-in repository. Their attempt is to make a cheap computer for you to type them on. Am I crazy to think these two things couldn’t be brought together? What if Cymon’s Games became the go-to place for programs for your Raspberry Pi? Doing this will mean re-writing the site so that anyone can contribute their own programs in C/C++, Python… heck let’s open it up to Java and C#… maybe just Java. Alright, C#, you can play to.

However, I’m no web developer. I mean I could probably do it if I took the time but I’d have to divorce my wife and abandon my kids, quit my job and forget about my thesis. I’d rather not do that. That’s why I’m thinking about a Kickstarter. I’ve got to make a really killer video and get some tiered rewards together. I’m thinking 3D printed raspberry pi cases or 3D printed decoder rings would be appropriate. Not sure I want to handle manufacture and mailing of hundreds of physical things but I suppose if I’m not doing the site I’d better be willing to put in my pound of flesh. So I’ll put some some 3D printed objects as rewards (when I get my 3D printer back). Is there anything else I could throw into a tiered reward system? Is this a bad idea in general?

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