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Friend of the site Bence Dobos pointed me to this. First of all I had no idea the TI-83 could do things this nice now-a-days. Secondly, this may be even better than ASCIIpOrtal:

It could use scrolling screens and the portal view I used in ASCIIpOrtal. And color. And sound. But this demonstrates the amazing things happening on the TI Calculators, still very much the tinkerer’s playground.

2 Responses to “What the voodoo is this? Portal on the TI-83+”

  1. Anthony

    That’s awesome. I remember someone showing off the TI-83 version of Doom back in the day.

    With all the math behind Portal, how appropriate it is to be ported to a graphing calculator!

  2. Joe

    Awesome write up explaining the physics.
    I didn’t have to deal with this in ASCIIpOrtal because it was tile based.

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