You will find here various questions about ASCIIpOrtal, along with their answers.

Dummy question (which does not even have a question mark)

This is a good question. I'll try to answer, but first:

  • this is a markdown answer
  • so you can easily place a like this

Do you ...?

I don't like this question... sorry!

Why does ASCIIpOrtal suck so much?

Do you mean it? Well, it looks like you haven't played ASCIIpOrtal yet, or you would have found yourself bewildered by its power.

How does your FAQ system work? It looks wonderful!

We're using a Yaml file to describe questions/answers, and let Smarty do the work of displaying a nice table of content (well, it will be nice with some CSS :) ).

The cool thing is that answers are written in Markdown inside the yaml faq file, so it allows complicated presentations in a simple way.

You can see the original yaml file here on Github.